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About Modern Leadlighting

We here at Leadlight World Ltd make leadlights using the modern method, which is an excellent system for today.

Modern Leadlighting

This system uses a single sheet of toughened glass and lead strips with a liquid coloured glass resin.

Toughened Glass

All of our leadlights are made on one piece of toughened glass to meet the required New Zealand Glazing Code.

Double Glazing

The modern leadlight method can also be incorporated into a double glazing unit! Click on the Double Glazing tab below to find out more.

Highly Customisable

Not having to rely on individual pieces of glass to connect with one another, opens up a vast range of creative possibilities!

Confidently Freight Pieces Nationwide

Our leadlights can be couriered to you anywhere in New Zealand with guaranteed safe delivery.

More Cost Efficient

You can finally order your dream leadlight in a price range that you can afford, without skimping on the quality.

Why We Love Modern Leadlighting

Including all of the reasons listed above, why we love and use the modern leadlighting method is:

It Is Safe

The use of toughened glass (aka safety glass) keeps our customers safe if their leadlight should accidently break while installed in their home, as the glass will either crack or either shatter into harmless, little cubes. The adhesive lead helps to hold the glass together, which can prevent the latter from happening.

Being Able to Create Fine Details

Since Modern Leadlighting uses liquid resin as colour instead of using coloured glass in Traditional Leadlighting, we like to apply and use the liquid resin as paint. This allows us to create beautiful details, such as feathers on birds, or textures on flowers and leaves.

Why We Do Not Recommend Double Glazing

Double glazing is wonderful and has a myriad of positive benefits, (a quick internet search can easily list all the reasons why) however, we strongly recommend our customers to not have their leadlights double glazed.
The main reason why we recommend this is double glazing can, in some instances, cause a detrimental reflection effect on the outside surface of the unit. (see photo below)

You Do Not Have To Have Your Windows Double Glazed

You do not have to have your windows double glazed. The NZ Standard 4218 that relates to thermal insulation allows for up to 3 sq.m of decorative glazing (ie: Toughened Glass Leadlight) to be included if the schedule method of assessing thermal efficiency of a building is used.

Ask your Architect, Engineer, Draughtsperson, or Builder to check this detail if you do not wish your leadlight to be double glazed. Most times the square meterage of your leadlight will be minimal in the overall energy calculation, therefore not requiring Double Glazing.

If you are still uncertain, feel free to send us an email at leadlightworld.co.nz@gmail.com to discuss this option with us.


So What Are You Waiting For?

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So What Are You Waiting For?

View Our Catalogue of Over 50 Leadlight Designs

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